Different types of women dress codes.

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Different types of women dress codes.

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Different types of women dress codes.
There are so many times that we get ourselves saying we have nothing to wear even when we have wardrobes full of clothes. Having the idea of combining your clothes together to get an awesome outfit is a skill that all women should be able to master. Wearing clothes each day and still maintaining a stylish look is something that seems hard but it doesn’t have to be that way. There are so many events that we have to attend which include black ties events, smart casual events, dressy casual events. In all these events, we have to find different outfits to fit in with the theme of the occasion. Prestarrs has the best online clothes that you can shop for any occasion. Below is a guide of women’s dress codes for all occasions and what to wear for each of them.

1.      Informal/casual dress code.
This is where you dress for what you feel comfortable in. It calls for a laid-back style as it is the most straightforward dress code you can go for. Whether you like wearing fashion dresses, jeans, skirts, sneakers, tees then go for them. Wear something that is relaxed and one that defines your personality in a good way.  Make sure you don’t overdo the dress code as it will seem bulky and awkward. You can also choose to wear your gym wear and pajamas and still look great.

2.      Smart casual dress code.
Most ladies get confused when it comes to this dress code. This is because it usually ranges between dressy casual and business casual. This is the time when jeans seem to be appropriate and thus you go for other options. Choose something that looks like you are going to a Sunday brunch with friends. You can choose to go for a pencil skirt, a cute top and cute women’s jackets. For foot wear, you can decide to either wear heels or dressy flats.

3.      Business casual dress code.
nowadays, this is used the standard dress code for offices. This generally refers to office-appropriate clothes that will make you look presentable without looking overly formal. Aim for a polished and more relaxed look such as cropped black trousers and a cute blouse.