Why a "marathon runner" dies while running?

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Why a "marathon runner" dies while running?

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For runners with a normal body I don't have สล็อตxo any underlying disease. Running very hard can cause very high blood pressure during running. Adrenaline hormone is released a lot. The heart squeezes harder. It is harmful to the body as well.

Danger signal Heart malfunctions
If during or after a run you have the following symptoms Should see a doctor for a detailed heart health check

Pain in the chest, tight and heavy when exerting
Used to run a lot But after running a little, it becomes tired
How to prevent harm to the heart For runners
Practice regularly Let the body be 100% ready before running.
Physical examination, especially the heart Before running a race Especially running a marathon
Check the running organizers team That the medical team, nurses, and life-saving equipment are well prepared or not Especially Cardiac shock machine (AED)